Dialysis Transportation

Dialysis Transportation

Many people with kidney failure utilize wheelchair or ambulance transportation for dialysis appointments three times a week. It’s the responsibility and an honor for United EMS to provide a safe and positive service to our clients.  We understand that dialysis transportation to and from appointments is necessary to our clients survival. Staying proactive by scheduling all of our dialysis transportation dates a month in advance helps insure travel arraignments.  This also guarantees timing priority for our scheduled dialysis patients.

United EMS fully takes into consideration the inconveniences and hardships our dialysis patients must endure on a weekly basis. We know that time spent in a treatment chair after dialysis are lost moments at home with family and friends. We take pride in reducing the stress and anxiety of our patients by providing our services in a timely manner.
Ambulance transportation for dialysis patients is covered by various insurance companies. An authorization for payment from Medicare, Medicaid, and various private insurance companies can be obtained with the help of our billing department.  Dialysis transportation reimbursement is always based on medical necessity at the time of ambulance transport.


Our Service services hundreds of Dialysis facilities including close relationships with DaVita & Fresenius Medical Care through out north West Indiana and the state of Indiana. Our team is proficient in dealing with Dialysis transfers, staffing and the paperwork associated with Dialysis.


If you need to locate a Dialysis Center for Treatment, are just beginning treatment or have questions regarding how dialysis works, the different types of treatment and Transportation needs, our staff is hear to help you along your journey.


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Transportation to dialysis treatments can be setup through our 24 hour dispatch center 365 days out of the year.